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3 Reasons Why Functioning Email Marketing is Your #1 Business Priority

Email is by far the most effective way of directly increasing your sales, team growth (if you are a Network Marketer) and growing your business. It’s not as easy as posting a picture to Facebook or Instagram, and for good reason. Email marketing is essentially getting an invitation to your customer’s house. They have let […]


3 Simple but Crucial Elements of a Fruitful Email Marketing Program

  Choosing to send emails to your prospective customers is a great choice for business owners. For every $1 dollar you invest in email marketing, you will see a $38 dollar return. Far surpassing social media, in terms of engagement, email is also the preferred method of business to consumer communication. Thinking about social media, […]


13 Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

Many new business owners feel like with so much technology at our fingertips, email marketing must be what the dinosaurs are still using! Be honest, have you ever thought, “who reads their emails anyways?” But then find yourself checking emails while you wait, while you’re bored, while you’re looking for a coupon code before a […]