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Email Marketing Guide for Small Business

Email Automation Guide for Small Business

As a business owner with less than 10 employees, you simply don’t have the time it takes to implement every growth strategy needed to explode your business. I get it! We are excited to give you the email automation guide for small business that will grow your business with greater ease.

If you implement one growth strategy, choose email automation. Email automation is the key to help your business grow.

But the problem you might have is that you’re not sure how to set up email automations and use them to grow your business while you are taking care of other areas.

Email automation is the best friend to your growing company. You will save time by trusting in email automation to automatically send out a welcome email to all new leads, and it frees up time for you to pursue more ambitious activities like starting a podcast or video channel.

Treat Your Leads Like Kings with Flawless Email Automation

Email Automation Guide for Small Business

Email Automation Guide for Small Business Part I:

Let’s look at setting up your email automation with the goal of making your email leads feel pampered when they sign up for your email updates, newsletters, etc.

Email automation is what takes care of welcoming your fresh new lead with a well written, goodie filled, email when they first sign up with your offer.

Keep in mind that most offers you present to your audience will include a free incentive that gives them something of good value with NOTHING asked from you in return.

This is where most business owners miss sales marketing on social media. They relentlessly post product after product asking audience members to buy, without giving them anything up front to build the relationship. You are going to be different, you are going to make your audience feel special and rewarded!

Prefer to watch my video walking you through this?


Email automation guide for small business

Email Automation Guide for Small Business Part II:

Now it is time to create your goodie. A treat that your online audience will want in return for giving you their email address.

You are going to have 2 major goals at this stage of email automation.

  1. To show your lead (customer) that they made a great decision trusting you with their email.
  2. Get them to engage with you by either making a purchase, following your social media links, or agreeing to take any other number of steps with you.

Bottom line; once an email address comes through, automation features will immediately respond with a warm welcome and the promised gift the lead signed up for. Welcome emails solidify your business brand as sincere, and make your workflow easier by getting your lead to take the next step with you.

email automation for small business

Email Automation Guide for Small Business Part III:

Building the Lead List

Growing your business through email marketing automation is going to depend on the quality of leads you get from your online marketing efforts.

If you’re just starting out or your lead growth has stalled, you might be tempted to consider buying an email list. Don’t do it.

Your business will only grow when you nurture an email audience that recognizes you and your brand.

To grow a healthy list, you need to put your brand and business in front of them and lead with nothing but pure value up front.

Give them everything you got! Instead of showing them product after product, start researching their problems. When you have a full list of problems, create videos that showcase solutions, write blog posts, create free downloads, anything that will make them see that you care about them first, and want a sale later.

This is called a lead generation engine, and my best advice to creating one that works for you, is to think about what you would want and then create it for your audience.

email automation guide for small business

Email Automation Guide for Small Business Part IV:

Make sure that this is going to pay off for your business.

That is a huge question on your mind right now, yes? This seems like a bit of a gamble. You think that email automation is the tool you need to implement next, and you believe that it could boost revenue for you. But resources are limited and where to start is becoming more daunting.

The easy answer to you, is build your email automation for FREE and see what happens. You have more choices than ever before to start email automation inside of your business.

With minimal effort, you can personalize a new lead’s experience with your business from the very start.

Marketing automation helps you stay top-of-mind with prospects, re-engage with cold leads, and give prospective customers a great insight into your business activities.

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