3 Reasons Why Functioning Email Marketing is Your #1 Business Priority

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3 Reasons Why Functioning Email Marketing is Your #1 Business Priority

Email is by far the most effective way of directly increasing your sales, team growth (if you are a Network Marketer) and growing your business.

It’s not as easy as posting a picture to Facebook or Instagram, and for good reason. Email marketing is essentially getting an invitation to your customer’s house. They have let you in, and agreed that they want to hear more about your products or services.

Social media posting on the other hand, is like standing on the street corner and holding a sign asking people to buy your products. It just doesn’t have the same power!

So let’s hop into it you #amazingbusinessowner! These are the top 3 reasons why having a functional email marketing system needs to be your #1 business priority.

#1 Life Span

Posting about your products and services on social media just doesn’t have the same sticking power as an email delivered to an inbox does.

Studies reveal that 75% of Facebook post views were achieved in just two hours and 30 minutes and, 75% of the broad reach (where the most people could see it in their timeline) happens in only one hour and 50 minutes.

But email on the other hand, doesn’t disappear like a social media post, it must be deleted by the recipient.

When you send an email, it will sit there, patiently, just waiting to be read by your audience member. Even if it gets deleted, it still has had an interaction with your audience. Email messages must be acknowledged, that’s why they are so powerful!


#2 Email is a very effective way to keep customers informed

Email marketing isn’t something you should do as a business owner because it’s an easy and mindless task.

Email marketing has to be a top priority for your business because it one of the most effective ways to stay connected with your customers and potential customers.

Did you know that your social media audience will look for your email marketing campaigns because they like you and want to stay in the loop?

This includes wanting product offers, discounts, new arrivals and any other news you want to share.

Nielsen reported that 28 percent of US online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails in order to stay informed. The Relevancy Group reports business owners who add video to their email campaigns see an average rise in revenue of 40 percent. There is a real value to staying connected to customers and email marketing makes that easy to do.


#3 Action Oriented

Ask yourself when was the last time you left Facebook or Instagram and went off to another site? Probably not very often. When people are on social media, that is where they want to stay.

But now think about the last time you took an action and clicked a button on your email. Pretty frequently right?

We are used to taking an action with our emails, we -reply, forward, click-through, sign-up, or even buy right away.

This is exactly what your customers do inside their email as well. When you send them an email, they feel comfortable acting in some way. You can use this to phenomena to direct traffic to your website and finally drive sales!


Take the next step to developing your email marketing. This will allow you to see results straight away instead of spending months and years posting to social media with little results.

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