5 Ways to Make a New Month the Fresh Start Your Business Needs

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5 Ways to Make a New Month the Fresh Start Your Business Needs


It is never too late to start building your business, in fact, you can re-start your business with every new month.

That gives you 12 new starts per year to re-work, reinvent, and refresh your business plan.

During the first week of each month, it is easier to host events, reach out to new customers, check in with current customers, and run promotions. The beginning of a new month is a completely valid reason to advance your business. It’s a fresh start after all!

Below you can find 5 tips to Make a New Month the Fresh Start Your Business Needs


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  1. Fill Your Calendar with Events to Host & Events to Attend

You may not be the ‘event’ type, or you may be a party animal. But just remember that there is an event for every business. It is just as important to host your own events, at least 1 time each month, so that your business can be seen.  Each month will bring new marketing events in your local community. Plan to attend at least 4 every month. That is only 1 a week! Greet your prospective clients and introduce yourself with fresh business cards, and talk to people in other industries. Most importantly enjoy the event and socialize with new leads!


  1. Network

A new month is the perfect time for networking. Each month will bring with it a new season, or a new common ‘holiday’ (think Easter, Spring, Fall, Thanksgiving).

Broaden your horizons by planning a networking strategy for each month. As a result, you can make new connections with different industries that are celebrating based on their business. This gives you a perfect opportunity to get to know new people and make new contacts. Keep a networking folder, you will be surprised how these new contacts will come in handy for the upcoming months.


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  1. Send a First of the Month Thank You or Welcome Gift

Use the start of a new month to thank people. Show your gratitude to your current clients, new clients, new leads, and any other contacts. A warm greeting that appreciates their time in getting to know you at an event, or a gift certificate does wonders for marketing.

Keep your note personal and if possible, hand write your notes on branded stationary. Small businesses have a unique opportunity in marketing against the ‘big guys’. Society craves the days of old where a hand-written note was the norm. In the days of hustle and bustle, and big corporations treating us like another number, a sincere thank you will grow your business faster than any other form of marketing. Also, you never know who will remember this kind gesture in the future.


  1. Stop and Review

While each new month is a fresh start, you will want to take a minute to look back at the previous months and determine what did, or did not, work. Use the new month to reevaluate your marketing and business growth. Did you achieve your goals last month? What worked well and what didn’t?

Use the fresh month to take a break from the daily routine. Examine how things are going, and if there is an area that could use improvement. Write down your goals for the new month, whether you will keep the same strategy or try something new. It’s never too early to write down plans for the next month.


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  1. Get together with a team / or other sounding board

If you looking for greater business growth (and who isn’t?!) plan some time to meet with a group of like-minded business owners, or a business consultant / coach.

What you are looking for here is a group activity, and a form of accountability.  do a look back session with them as well. Make this a group activity. Spend the time planning new activities to market and grow your business. Listen and implement new suggestions and brainstorm new ideas.

Use your time wisely, strategize for next month and next year! This will improve your motivation and will solidify your growth plan as a business.