3 Insider Secrets to Attract More Customers to Your Business

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3 Insider Secrets to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Are you giving your customers more choices than needed?

Have you been beating yourself up thinking that something is wrong with you or your products because you seem to get ignored?

There is good news! Chances are very high that the problem is not with you or your products, but rather, with how you are marketing them.

As business owners, we believe our customers are in control of their purchasing behaviors and decisions. We believe they (and ourselves) make balanced and common-sense oriented decisions when deciding which product gets their hard-earned money.

Here is the shocking truth, 95% of the time, our decision-making is affected by the unconscious brain. 95% of our buying actions are influenced by unconscious processing.

3 Insider Secrets to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Insider Secret #1

Avoid Excessive Promotion of Your Brand

Harvard Business School professor Thales Teixeira used infrared eye scanning technology to discover consumers subconsciously disengage with marketing that is too self-promotional.

Marketing Solution

Thinking about your social / online campaign, focus on creating most of your posts to showcase the value you give your customers. It is the classic, “What’s in it for me” tactic. Customer’s subconscious brains want to quickly scan their options and choose the one that has the most value for them.

Choose to promote a discount, sale, or service—focused on the customer. You know why your products rock, and how amazing your service is. But remember, right now the customer is on autopilot. They’re scanning for what’s in it for them.


Insider Secret #2

Focus on Optimism and Joy

(Note) It is important as a business owner you understand your market. For this secret, we are assuming you market to Americans. Americans routinely rank as one of the most optimistic nations in the world. American’s are a nation built on the faith that there is ‘always tomorrow, another day to try again’.

Marketing Solution

Creating a positive emotion immediately keeps your viewer’s attention and breaks their subconscious state of processing. The most effective marketing is to surprise the audience, then quickly follow with the reward of joy.

Consumers choose products they connect with on an emotional level, and joy is their top choice.

Americans are also, not surprisingly, the first nation in line when disaster strikes. Our charitable donations far surpass comparable countries. World organizations know, when you need to raise human relief funds, head to the Americans.

Focus your online / social marketing on short, emotional charged messages that customers will want to share. If you have not tried them yet, GIFs are a great format for building quick, emotional messages.


Insider Secret #3

Consistency & Routine will Distinguish Your Business From the Noise

Time to be honest. Have you become a little scared that you are doing something wrong? Do you feel the need to try a different strategy with every online / social post?

Marketing Solution

For your consumer, this is confusing because the subconscious brain operates on habit.

It is up to you as the business owner to consistently show the consumer what they can expect from your products and services.

Routine distinguishes your business from all the others. Successful brands create stories. Creating consistency and routine insures your customers they are not just purchasing a products, but a whole supportive community.

The Takeaway

Our five senses are processing 11 million pieces of info per second. Of these only 40 pieces enter our conscious awareness. (Timothy Wilson, Strangers to Ourselves).

Customer brains are constantly looking for shortcuts in the marketing and advertising they see. Your customers are going for the familiar, not the logical.

Customers avoid:
  • Tasks that take too long to resolve
  • Clutter
  • Messages that distract or don’t apply
Customers Subconsciously Prefer:
  • What’s-in-it-for-them
  • Clear value right away (customer focused value)
  • Less is More (avoid long explanations)
  • Stories of real people
  • Images, especially faces of people with eye contact
  • Format with plenty of white spaces between lines, short sentences, short paragraphs
  • Bullet points


If you have been missing any of these insider marketing secrets, it’s OK. You can always start again!

From now on, remember to be consumer centered, create content that serves the consumer, be optimistic, and stick to consistency and routine. Make your business a community, not just a bunch of products.