5 Ways that Marketing Will Boost Your Sales

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5 Ways that Marketing Will Boost Your Sales

Learning how to properly market your business is a small change that can have a big impact.  Marketing is the magic ingredient to business success. Marketing allows you to find and secure new customers, stay on the radar of current customers, make introductions and prompt sales.

At no other time in history could business owners use low cost, or free marketing resources in such abundance. Learning these 5 small marketing changes will produce a large impact, and that makes all the difference to your profit line.

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So how do you go from running a business out of a home office or small rented space, to having hundreds of thousands of loyal customers? The secret is proper marketing.

Now let’s check out 5 Ways that Marketing Will Boost Your Sales.

Promote Yourself Everywhere

You say the only print advertising you can afford is a business card? Great! Starting today, get yourself a new set of business cards, VistaPrint is always an affordable choice.

Choose a business card design that has space for coupons, images, text, etc. on the back.

The space on the back of a business card is an instant conversation starter.

To generate conversations, simply place your value proposition on this prime real estate.

When you are marketing in person means you have a golden window of undivided attention.

Try this next time, hand the prospect your business card, back side up.

Show the prospective customer your “Big Promise” (value proposition) first, and you are guaranteeing a greater chance of receiving the response

“Oh wow… how can you do that for me?!”




Who’s the Expert? You Are!

Looking to sky rocket the pace of your business? Need an easy way to get your company seen in online forums, social media, and through email newsletters? You are sure to build your brand faster by positioning yourself as the expert and doling out free advice.

No matter what your industry, you are the expert. If you have been waiting for someone to officially bestow the title on you, today is your day. You Are The Expert.

Showcasing your expertise means you will be found when customers are looking to solve their problem.  Have you found a niche that gets you results? Great replicate it. Still looking for your niche?

Ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. What is the number 1 problem people who follow me post on their personal pages?
  2. How can my product solve that problem?
  3. Where do these people hang out regularly online?

When you have the answer to the 3 questions above, set a schedule for yourself to regularly update posts with the solution, your products, and an email marketing magnet.

You will start generating new leads from prospects who need your service.

Is Your Website Friendly & Welcoming?

Already built your website? Now it is time for an update.

You have several options to update your webpage if you’re ready for a change.

The first option is to install a new theme.

New themes do not have to cost thousands of dollars. In fact, some of the most successful websites today rely on simplicity. In a world of everything vying for our attention, customers appreciate simplicity and clear direction much more.

A second option is to install free plug-ins.

Plug ins today open up a whole new world of marketing. You can insert video plug ins (video is HUGE these days), lead generation plug ins, and the list goes on. Whatever you are hoping to update eon your site, chances are good that there is a plug in for that.

Third option is to create “landing pages”. Test new, different offers for your products and services.

Most of your customers are going to be coming from social and the active marketing of your products. No longer can we rely on a simple Google search for people to find us.

Instead, you must ask your customers if they want to trust you. Landing pages do just that.

Create a couple different landing pages starting today, Wix http://www.wix.com is a good option for creating and testing. Monitor which page gets the most clicks and leads, and voila! You have a refreshed platform for building trust and driving traffic back to your fresh and friendly website.

What Works Today Won’t Work Forever

When you find what works today there is no guarantee it will work 6 months from now. Marketing can easily be one of the most thrilling parts of your business, if you choose to make it fun. Marketing means that you will never have a dull day, there is always something new to learn and try.

The audience and marketing relationship is ever changing. When you find what does work, hold back and don’t blow your whole budget investing in it.  Consider yourself the Warren Buffet of marketing and invest in what works, not for right now, but over the years.

Keep close track of your marketing, using a free service like Google Analytics, to ensure that visitors are coming back to your site from your marketing efforts.  Make up your mind today that you will enjoy the marketing journey. It is never ending and can be quite fun when you approach it from a humanity viewpoint instead of a feast or famine outlook.


You ARE the Marketing Department (No Matter Your Business Size)

Every business owner must be a marketer. If you are in business, you must put on the marketers ‘hat’ no matter the size of your business.

Customers will no longer, “just find you” because you have a website and a social business profile. When you have a great product that you are proud of , it is your responsibility, and yours alone, to get out there and market it.

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If you are unwilling to market your business using simple and cost effective solutions, how can you expect that anyone else will care about the business?

Starting today, your biggest goal is to market and promote your business. If you have been making the mistake of focusing too much time and effort on finding new customers (we all do at some point!) stop and look at who you DO have. Existing customers, are the ones who already trust you enough to buy more, be upsold, and talk to their friends about you.

Marketing is a great game, and money thankfully, is the trophy!