3 Simple Steps to Giving your Customer’s the Products They Want to Buy

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3 Simple Steps to Giving your Customer’s the Products They Want to Buy

Doing research for this article, I was honestly hoping to find the little magical pill that makes every person that follows me on social media want to buy my product. I knew I must have overlooked it somewhere.

I looked, and looked, then looked some more. Alas, I did not find the secret little “buy now”pill.

But I did find answers that reinforce what I have been teaching clients for years. It’s actually pretty simple, and only involves 3 steps. No really.

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As business owners, we are eager to make the sale which is step 3. The first 2 steps are where all the ‘selling’ is done, and each customer will go through these steps at their own pace. This is why it is more important to be focusing on step 1 and 2 continuously, then step 3 (the sell) will happen naturally.

Without further ado, let’s hop right in you #amazingbusinessower!

  1. Awareness

This is the incipient phase of a customer’s awareness of who you are and what you are all about.

This phase of the customer buying cycle is where customers make their first judgement of you.

My number one task when working with clients is to establish their personal business brand. Large companies spend millions of dollars in their marketing and advertising departments polishing their image and brand.

You are no different!  The awareness phase and your personal brand image is IMPORTANT.

This is where you shape your message to appeal to your desired market section.




Not only should you focus on your online posts to increase the awareness phase, you need to understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used.

SEO refers to the practice of modifying your website to the specific market section you know your products and services can best serve. Learning how to use relevant keywords for your market section in your social media posts will greatly benefit you. This helps to drive customers to your website etc.

  1. Interest

This phase of the customer buying cycle is when customers start asking questions and come to you.

The awareness phase is where you grab their attention, and the Interest phase is where you have a chance to build upon it.

A big problem that most solopreneurs and small business owners have here is that they are very eager to make a sale.

Of course! It’s natural, we all are.

But you must remember that your customers are typically not ready to make a commitment during this phase; they are likely shopping around.

Turning your interested audience member into a buying client at this point means that you present them with a convincing reason to purchase from you instead of buying from someone else.

This convincing reason is called your value proposition and it includes:

Your products make a measurable difference in the customer’s life.

The customer sees a significantly better transformation in their life.

You deliver faster on your promises than other people.

The customer sees a better return on their investment.

Your products are simpler to implement.

The customer achieves an easier transformation.

The relevancy of your product is clear to the customer.

To give your customers the products they want requires 2 things from you, the business owner:

  1. ALWAYS market yourself as the solution to the customer’s unique problem.
  2. Address the customer’s needs (using 1 of the value propositions above) and perspectives.

One of the easiest ways to convince buyers that your products are what they need is to present positive customer reviews and testimonials.

Bottom line, none of this matters unless your customer feels that you are genuinely concerned with what THEY want (and that does not include giving you a sale!)



  1. Purchase

Up until this point all your customer needs to know about your products is what it will do for them to solve their problem. You have been giving them the equivalent of “name, rank, and serial number” for your products.

Anything more will scare them away.

Once the customer has shown a distinct desire to purchase your product or service, they have entered the purchase phase.

At this point, and only this point, you will tell your customer more about the product and you could offer them an upsell of additional products or features.


You see, giving your customer’s the products they want is very simple, it is the business owner that complicates the process.

We complicate it by thinking that each customer needs to be sold immediately. We are asking them to marry us long before they have even talked to us and gotten to know us.

Take the time today to sit back and look at your current marketing situation, realizing that each person is in a different phase of determining if your product is right for them.

Your only job is to market your products as the solution to unique problems.

Back up your claim with a value proposition.

Answer questions using a personal touch.

And then, only when the customer tells you they are definitely ready to buy, will you tell them where to buy and offer complimentary products.